The Sorcerer

1915, a military court.

The judge says there are no grounds for charging the guy, but the guy claims to be guilty of something.

(This seems to be a flashback) They tell a farmer they are putting up telegraph poles on his land.

The farmer is supposed to sign some paper but says he can't until he talks to his animals. He tells the military guy that Germany is going to lose the war.

A tavern keeper talks about the farmer and the strange things he can do.

The military guy goes to talk to the farmer. They talk about some letter the military guy has from his girl.

He somehow sends the military elsewhere.

His girl is cheating on him.

She's ultra-nasty to him.

He kills her.

He then fades from that house and appears once again in the farmer's house.

He's told that the previous night his girl in Berlin was shot.

Then he kills the farmer.

The military guy was arrested and executed for the murder of the farmer.

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