Midnight, 6/13/1961

The guy's a clerk by day, a writer by night, although he has not had anything published yet. He's in England.

Later, he talks a walk and meets someone. She talks to him. (The images here are so dark that it's hard to see what is going on. The dialog really sucks at this point, too.) Her name is Lilith. (Ok. He's supposedly an educated writer and the name “Lilith” doesn't mean anything special to him?)

He meets her again. (This is the first point in the video that I can basically see what is going on when he meets the woman.)

He takes her to his place.

She gets nasty towards him, noting how little he earns as a clerk.

Suddenly there's a major jump in the story. He had been meeting her again one night and was carrying a gun; the next thing, they're in his apartment, eating, she's in a new dress and he's in new clothes, so I assume he held up someone and took their money.

She shows him another dress she bought.

She gets nasty to him again.

They hold up someone and he shoots the person. Again, the video has gone really, really dark.

Another midnight, but this time he doesn't go to meet her. She's only in his life from midnight to dawn.

She enters his apartment.

He's going crazy. He says if Big Ben doesn't strike, she won't be able to show up.

He gets by the clock mechanism so he can damage it.

Then its shown that everything else has been him writing a story.

He goes out and bumps into a woman, just like in his story. This is an incredibly strange episode. It has no normal opening, and doesn't close like a normal episode. I checked various episode guides, and it is listed as a One Step Beyond episode, though. It's really bad.

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