This episode was first broadcast on Jan. 12, 1960.

The story opens at a hotel. The guy on the left is talking about some circus act. This show is going to refer to the San Francisco earthquake of 1906.

The elevator operator passes out after having a vision of a great earthquake.

Later he has another vision of an earthquake. He then starts to run through the hotel shouting “earthquake” and telling people to leave.

The guy tries to get the people in the hotel warned, but he ends up getting fired instead. He's also told the head guy the exact time the earthquake will hit. However, he's told it's already past that time.

The guy leaves the hotel and he has yet another vision. He also realizes the time he thought the earthquake would happen is not in the afternoon but in the morning.

Two women are talking about how the cats have gone away somewhere, and even some of the birds.

The tries to warn other people and they won't believe him. He then tries to get newspapers to listen to him, but they won't either.

A dark family past is revealed, and the guy ends up in a hospital when the earthquake hits the next morning.

It turns out a couple that was friendly to the guy took his advice after all and left the hotel in time.

The narrator also says that there was a message sent out saying that supplies and rescue should be sent to San Francisco, but it was sent four hours before the earthquake (although many messages were sent after the earthquake, there was just this one before the event.) Messages of the time listed the place of origin, but this one message didn't have any place of origin listed.

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