The Mask, 3/1/1960

Summer, 1944, above North Africa, a plane goes down.

He's found four days later. Something ancient has been uncovered and then reburied.

He survives and is in the hospital.

He has drawn something on the back of an envelope of a letter to his ex-wife, but he can't remember what it is.

She shows the back of the envelope to someone else in the hospital. He happens to be an Egyptologist.

The scientist tells the lieutenant that, on the back of the envelope, he drew the symbol and motto of an ancient Egyptian monarch (Prince Herkna? I can't make out what he's saying.) He explains that the existence of the prince has been a well-kept secret.

Later, the scientist hears the lieutenant talking in his sleep about Samara.

The scientist gets the lieutenant drunk and then tape-records what he says.

He has apparently drawn more Egyptian hieroglyphics without realizing it.

The lieutenant's face is revealed.

The lieutenant will be leaving the hospital the next day. Instead, he agrees to help the scientist find the ancient tomb of the prince.

They find the tomb.

They get inside the tomb.

The face on the coffin matches the face that the lieutenant currently has. The lieutenant's face then returns to normal.

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