Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I like this series. The main characters are well done, the evil they fight is very definitely evil and most of the stories are interesting.

My own favs:

Favorite episode: Once More with Feeling
Favorite villain: Spike
Favorite male character: Giles
Favorite female character: Tara
Most useless character: The Anointed One

Trading Cards

There are a lot of Buffy trading card series. There are so many they fall into two broad categories: Season cards and what I call special cards. What I cam going to do here is to list the various types of cards and then I will pick a few of them to show what they are like.

Regular Season Cards

Season 1 cards
Season 2 cards
Season 3 cards
Season 4 cards
Season 5 cards
Season 6 cards
Season 7 cards

Special Buffy Cards

10th anniversary cards
Big Bads set
Connections set
Evolution set
Memories set
Reflections set
Spike set
The Men of Sunnydale set
The Story So Far set
The Story Continues
The Women of Sunnydale set
The Women of Sunnydale and the Men Who Love Them set

Book Reviews

Child of the Hunt
Coyote Moon
Night of the Living Rerun Once More With Feeling
Script Book, Season 1, Volume 1
Script Book, Season 1, Volume 2
Script book, Season 2, Volume 1
The Harvest
The Lost Slayer Omnibus
The Sunnydale High Yearbook
The Watcher's Guide(s)

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