Beauty Burglars

The overall theme of this episode seems to be the haves vs. the have-nots concept. Two guys dress up as cops and rob women who are at very exclusive beauty salons. Cagney and Lacey are put in charge of a team to stop the guys.

At the same time, Lacey has a friend who has rich friends and is marrying a rich guy and wants Lacey to attend her wedding wearing an expensive dress that Mary Beth cannot possibly afford. This causes her and Harvey to get upset, and sets up sort of a sub-plot of the overall main plot of people having lots and lots of money.

There is sort of a third theme, dealing with one of the women who was robbed and her inability to get on with her life after the robbery. The woman tries to befriend Cagney, and ends up moving out of New York City, unable to deal with what happened to her and her friend, who was killed as a result of one of the robberies.

The episode opens at a beauty salon. Two guys dressed in cop outfits enter and rob the place. Meanwhile, Cagney and Lacey stop to pick up a friend. They have to drop her off, though, when they get a call to the robbery.

One of the women had a heart attack. Two of the women had been pistol-whipped by the crooks. The woman with the heart attack dies. An inspector shows up to get a task force going and Cagney and Lacey will be on it. He's really very disrespectful towards them, though. He also doesn't seem to like the idea of women leading a task force. Cagney and Lacey start their work leading the task force, with Cagney being more forceful than Lacey.

Lacey buys her friend (from above) a wedding present. They get a report on another robbery and catch a guy who has stuff from one of the women who had been robbed at a salon. Lacey attends a party for her friend and the people who are there are all quite rich.

The guy they did catch is not one of the two robbers, though. Meanwhile, Terry, Lacey's friend, wants her to wear a particular dress to the wedding but it costs $400. Lacey can't afford it, and Terry offers to buy it for her. This seems to be the B-plot; the haves and the have-nots.

They get a break on the case when a guy comes in with a ruby he bought at a fancy jewelry shop. Turns out the ruby was from a ring his wife had worn and which had been stolen from her but the burglars.

Lacey tells Harvey she isn't going to her friends wedding. Later she and her friend talk and get things worked out between them.

Cagney and Lacey set up a sting operation to catch the two burglars. They manage to do it, but Isbecki gets hurt and Cagney almost gets her throat cut.

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