The episode opens with Lacey making a collar but being rather nasty in doing so. At the station Lacey is talking to a teacher on the phone who has had a problem with Harve Jr, and Cagney is trying to get her off the phone so they can go interview a witness to something.

Then Lacey gets mad at Petrie. When she gets home she's short with Michael and also forgot to bring a pizza home with her. Harve Jr. had been in a fight at school and she's all over him for that until he gets a word in edgewise and tells her the guy he fought had been trying to break into his locker.

Later in the bedroom Harvey gives Mary Beth a back massage. The next day Mary Beth is late. She also wants Cagney to make a stop on their way to the courtroom so she can drop off blueprints to Harve. It turns out they are late to court because of that and the judge fines them $50 each.

When they get back to the station Samuels tells them they both will need to pose as nuns to break up a drug ring, and Lacey will just have to postpone her vacation. Lacey then leaves without telling anyone.

Cagney goes to be a nun, and Isbecki goes along with her as an orderly. Lacey still has not shown up at home. Harvey later goes to the station and confronts Samuels about how he has been treating Lacey.

Lacey calls Harvey and tells him she needs to be alone for a little while.

Lacey is on a beach somewhere and a woman starts talking to her. Cagney later has a talk with Harve. Then it's back to the beach with the woman trying to talk to Lacey again. At the hospital, Isbecki and Petrie catch the guy who they thought was stealing drugs, but it might not be the right guy after all.

Lacey stops to get a cup of coffee and the woman is in the small restaurant and wants to borrow seventeen cents from her. They finally start talking a little. Cagney and Isbecki are back at the hospital since the guy they got wasn't the crook after all, then it's back to the beach again with Lacey talking to the woman some more.

At the station La Guardia is talking to a bookie they have picked up and realizes that a doctor at the hospital is on the bookie's list. La Guardia meets Cagney and Isbecki at the hospital, open the guy's locker and find stolen drugs in it. They chase the doctor and arrest him.

Lacey has returned to the squad room and is waiting to talk to Cagney in the women's restroom.

Lacey returns to her home. Then they show her returning to the station after her vacation.

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