Information from John Riggle

John Riggle has provided me with some additional information about the series.

Georgia Jeffries got her start as a writer on another show called "The Rookies". Tyne Daly's husband was one of the principal players. It was about uniformed cops. When C&L started she got the job of head writer. After C&L ended she became head writer on "China Beach." In the early years of C&L an actor named Sidney Clute played the part of detective LaGuardia. He suddenly disappeared from the show but nothing was said as to why. It was because he died. But they kept him on in the opening of the show out of respect, which I thought was nice. Lacey's baby was named Alice Christine. The reason for the show ending was really because the strain of doing the show caused Sharon Gless to actually become an alcoholic, which explains why the emphasis on alcoholism in the final year. They felt it couldn't go on without her, and they couldn't keep her because of her drinking, and they were worried about her health too. So they voluntarily ended the show. It wasn't canceled like so many shows were and are.

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