Internal Affairs

A very good episode about trust and loyalty. Some extremely good acting by Sharon Gless when she confronts her father about his taking bribes when he was a policeman.

The episode opens with Cagney and Lacey on a stakeout. They expected to find some high-jacked liquor, but it's not there.

At the precinct, a guy in a holding cell gets hold of a cigarette butt and sets his clothes on fire. Samuels then takes Cagney and Lacey to a fancy restaurant where they meet some guy. The guy is from the Internal Affairs division. He tells them their bust went bad since some one in the squad leaked information.

He doesn't suspect Cagney or Lacey, though, since they are females, have not been in the department that long, and bad guys don't trust them.

He wants them to be part of his internal investigation. Neither Cagney nor Lacey will play along with him.

Cagney's father visits her at the precinct. Meanwhile, a guy from the station is jumped for some information he has recorded about thefts. Samuels tells Cagney and Lacey that they will have to work with the internal affairs guy. They start becoming suspicious of various people, starting with Isbecki, who buys a stereo system.

The Internal Affairs guy tells them he wants them to check on Samuels. Then some shipping manifests go missing. Isbecki has to talk to the IA guy and it turns out Isbecki has a $125,000 trust fund.

They follow Samuels, and then they follow Petri who ends up being attacked by a crook. They follow LaGuardia, and they find out he has a girlfriend. By this time, though, people at the station are becoming suspicious of Cagney and Lacey working for Internal Affairs.

Lacey ends up having a dead rat left in her drawer and she and Cagney want to resign from the investigation. The IA guy says Cagney's father took bribes. Her father is trying to get a new job, and the IA guy will not tell the employers about her father if Cagney and Lacey stay active in the investigation.

Cagney's father comes to her apartment. She confronts him about the bribes. Samuels finds out Cagney and Lacey have been trailing him. Later Cagney and Lacey are talking in the ladie's restroom when they realize which woman other than them uses it. The person is Samuel's secretary, and they bust her. A bunch of guys are going to beat up Isbecki but Cagney and the others get there in time.

Cagney's father shows up at the precinct and it looks like they will work things out. The other people there are being cold to Cagney and Lacey for taking part in the Internal Affairs investigation.

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