A Cry for Help

The episode starts out with Cagney talking about a recent date and the guy giving her some jewelry.

Lacey gets a call from a woman who says her husband beats her, and her husband is a cop. The woman hangs up on her, though. Cagney and Lacey then interview three old women who are victims of some kind of scam. They Cagney and Lacey go to a meeting with the Special Frauds Division.

Cagney goes to meet with the fake real estate broker, pretending she's someone else. Later she, Lacey and the two men from the Special Frauds Division go to the airport where the fake broker seems to be leaving. It turns out the guy was just meeting someone, though. They don't have enough evidence at the moment to charge the fake broker.

Lacey gets another call from the woman. The woman says she bought a gun and will kill her husband if he hurts her again. The woman refuses to say who she is or where she lives, though, and she hangs up again.

Lacey is going though a list of the male cops in their precinct since the woman had asked for her specifically and that means there's a chance her husband works at that precinct and knows Lacey.

It's also possible that the fake broker is going to actually make a run for it. They work late and get a call that the guy is at the airport, again. The guy runs and they catch him, but his baggage was only clothing, no money.

Samuels talks to Cagney and Lacey. Something they were working on has turned up the name of a cop in the precinct whose wife recently bought a gun. They go to the policeman's house and his wife comes home from getting him cough medicine. She tells them to leave, though.

Later Cagney and Lacey are talking in their restroom, and Lacey is taking the position that the cop's wife may be partly guilty if she is actually being hit. Cagney reveals that one guy she dated beat her up. Later they talk to a guy in prison who claims to know where the fake broker stashed his money.

The guy who they suspect of being the cop who beats his wife is one of the two guys at the Special Frauds Division that they have been working with. They find out he got into a fight at a bar and went home, and now they are going to his house to make sure he doesn't take his anger out on his wife and end up getting killed.

Then it shows the guy working his wife over really hard. She takes the gun from a drawer and threatens to kill him. They break into the house with drawn guns. The wife drops hers and they take her out of the house. Cagney keeps her gun on the cop, and they tell him he has to turn himself into Internal Affairs Division.

Next scene is at night at Harvey and Lacey's. They were asleep, but someone knocks on their door. It's the cop. He denies beating up his wife. The guy complains about his wife. Harvey's looking at him like he's about ready to end the guy's misery, permanently.

Next morning Lacey tells Cagney that the wife is at a woman's shelter and is relatively ok, and that the cop turned himself in to IAD that morning. They also find out the fake broker's common-looking jewelry was really very, very valuable antiques that he got from the black market.

Cagney and Lacey go to visit the wife at the shelter.


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