Date Rape

The story opens with Lacey at her typewriter in the squad room, and a lot of noise coming from upstairs. The guys had hired a stripper for La Guardia's birthday. Cagney is with the group of guys. Lacey, as usual, is uptight and very conservative and strongly opposes the stripper having taken off her clothes in front of “strangers.”

Cagney and Lacey get an assignment to talk to a woman who will only talk to a female cop. The woman says she was raped while on a date with a guy in her apartment. The woman says she was beaten by the guy. It happened two weeks previously, though, so she shows no physical signs of the beating.

The guys at the station don't think it was really rape; they think the woman was scorned by the guy and now wants to get even.

The guys at the station set up Isbecki with a female impersonator. (Lacey seems to object to that, too.)

Cagney finds out that the woman's story doesn't seem to be holding up. Some of the guys in the squad room respond when they hear that the woman has been to the bar various times before and taken guys home at times. Lacey again gets mad at them for their remarks.

Lacey asks Harvey that night if she is making too big a deal out of things and he says a little humor at times helps to cut the tension.

Isbecki has come up with a way to get back at Samuels for the female impersonator joke. Yet once again Lacey gets angry. Then they go to another police station that has a picture of the man they might be looking for, and Lacey gets angry at the cop there over something he says.

Then Cagney and Lacey argue in their squad car. They go to talk to the woman who said she was raped and find out she had just had sex with another guy the night before. The woman has a really hostile attitude towards Cagney and Lacey. She ends up throwing them out.

At the squad room the guys are still laughing about the joke they are playing on Samuels (it involves a prostitute). Lacey gets a call and finds out the woman who said she was raped is in the hospital, suffering from a beating and a rape.

Samuels talks to Cagney and he is falling for the hooker (from the practical joke.) Later they talk to an female talent agent about the guy they think is the rapist and she reveals that the guy also attacked her.

Cagney and Lacey talk to the prostitute that Samuels thinks is a regular woman and they want her to tell him their relationship is over.

They catch the rapist, and later tell the guys at the station that the joke with Samuels is over.

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