Let Them Eat Pretzels

The episode opens with some diplomat or something driving away from a place. He's either drunk, tired or both, and his driving is erratic. He runs down a man in an alley and then he takes off.

The next scene is Harvey and Lacey sleeping together, and it's her day to fix the kids breakfast.

Next is a strange scene where a couple of people come out of an apartment building, get into two different cars, and move the cars from one side of the street to the other, apparently to avoid a parking ticket.

Then it's back to the Lacey's with the Harvey's mother is cooking the kids breakfast. Then it's to the station where we find out Lacey's mother is staying with them for two weeks while her place is painted.

Cagney and Lacey get assigned to check out the guy who was run over; he's alive, but in the hospital. The guy had just come out of surgery, so they go to the scene and find a guy who saw the whole thing and remembers the license plate number.

They find out the plates belong to a car at an embassy, but the plates aren't specifically diplomatic plates. They find out the guy is not a diplomat, but he is the son of one. They go to the restaurant where he's having lunch. They talk to the guy and he escapes by going out a window in the men's room. Samuel's is mad at Cagney and Lacey for letting the guy escape.

They go to the country's embassy to arrest the guy, but someone else won't let them do that since the embassy is considered to belong to their country and not the U.S.

Lacey is talking about Harvey and his mother possibly moving in with them. They see the hit-and-run guy on television who says he wants a change of venue since he's an Arab and the man he ran down is a Jew.

His appearance results in a peaceful demonstration outside the embassy. Later Cagney and Lacey talk to the guy who was hit who is still in the hospital. At the station one of the Inspector is there to talk to them. He tells them there are political discussions in Washington that would allow the guy to basically get away with what he did with just an apology.

As long as the guy stays in the embassy there is nothing they can do, but he gets tired of that (after making a variety of pity-poor-me type statements on interviews) and comes out. Cagney and Lacey give chase. He escapes them again by going out one of the bus's windows.

He later calls Cagney up and makes fun of what has happened. The pretzel guy says he needs her help in getting out of a bit of trouble for not having a license.

The scene shifts to Lacey getting home. Harvey's mother says she's leaving the next day; that the painters actually finished three days earlier, but she just didn't want to go back to living alone. Lacey tries to help her to figure out what to do with her life now that her husband is dead.

The inspector tells Cagney and Lacey that a deal is going to happen that afternoon to allow the guy to pay $100 and that's it. They go to talk to the guy who doesn't know yet about the deal in the works. They talk the guy into paying for the Jewish man's hospital expenses, missed time for work, and recovery time. They also get him to give $500 to the United Jewish Appeal.

Samuels laughs and enjoys what they pulled over the perp.

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