The Gang's All There

The episode opens at the station. Isbecki has managed to solve a hijacking of a bunch of furs. Cagney and Lacey are working on a missing child, and Petrie has bought his wife an engagement ring.

Cagney suggests a party for Petrie's promotion that night. The party is not really very big; Cagney and Lacey, La Guardia, Petrie and Samuels. While they are there some crooks come in with guns and hold the place up. They take their car keys, guns, and even Petrie's engagment ring.

They report the crime and it's obvious they are going to get made fun of by the other police department. The next day the Inspector is talking to Samuels, saying charges will be brought against all of those at the party for their guns being taken, and that all the police in town are laughing at that precinct.

They are going to lost ten days of pay at a minimum as punishment. La Guardia tells Samuels he wants to quit. Samuels could end up back on the beat again if they don't make progress on the theft really fast.

They interview the mother of the five-year-old that disappeared. It's possible it was some relatives that took him.

Lacey is yet again being really, really uptight, angry at Cagney and the others concentrating on the theft (another precinct had said it was their case.)

They leave the grandparents house, then come back again when Lacey says she thinks the missing boy is in the house. They kid is there. When they get back to the station, Samuels tells them that Lacey's gun was used in a robbery, and the crooks killed a guy with it.

The scene shifts to Harvey and Lacey's apartment. Harvey wants to help her get over her upset about her gun.

The next day Cagney and Lacey are trying to get some information from someone in an office with police computers, and the woman is rather nasty. Meanwhile Claudia shows up at the station to talk to Petrie about money from their account he used for something (she doesn't know he bought her an engagement ring.)

Cagney and Lacey get a lead on the thieves. Cagney calls the station, but no one is there who can back them up. La Guardia doesn't want to, and he's written his letter of resignation.

Isbecki has found lots more stolen merchandise, including Petrie's engagement ring. Isbecki also has the address of the thieves, so Cagney, Lacey, Isbecki, Samuels and La Guardia go to confront them.

They manage to catch the entire group. La Guardia changes his mind about resigning.

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