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Christine comes to terms with her drinking problem

”Christine hits rock bottom and Mary Beth is there to help her pick up the pieces. RIVETING performances by both. Sharon won the EMMY for this one, folks! So well-deserved. From the episode "Turn, Turn, Turn - part two"! What a show! “ From: surfergirlCali

Chris & Mary Beth make cannoli for Lt. Samuels' award dinner

”Cagney & Lacey: Hilarious scene of Chris & Mary Beth making cannoli for Lt. Samuels' award dinner from the episode "To Sir With Love"... turns out he loved cannelloni!! lol “ From: surfergirlCali

Christine & Mary Beth - therapy scene - Cagney & Lacey

”Powerful scene between Christine & Mary Beth. Mary Beth goes to psychological counseling after being shot. When her issues with Chris need further exploring, a reluctant Christine joins her. Amazing scene between the two!! My favorite scene from this brilliant show. From the episode "Happiness is a Warm Gun". From: surfergirlCali

Christine opens up to Mary Beth - Cagney & Lacey

”Christine opens up to Mary Beth about her desire to one day have a husband and baby. Great scene showing a different side of Christine. This is from the episode "Choices" when Christine thought she might be pregnant. Turns out she's not. “From: surfergirlCali

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