Hopes and Dreams

There's a group of thieves that target the homes of people who are attending funerals. The crooks are shown faking their way into an apartment where they end up stealing everything the people had. One of the victims is a disabled girl.

Cagney takes up a collection at the precinct to buy the girl a new bicycle.

They buy the girl a replacement bike but she insists that she wants her original bike.

The B-story is that Harvey has hired a housekeeper for one day a week, but she's not a very nice person, to put it mildly.

The police are going to step up a sting operation to catch the gang that's been robbing all the apartments. Lacey is very upset that they are going to be using a real dead person's body.

(Now, here's a slight problem. Isbecki and LaGuardia bring the body up on a cart. Logically, they would have taken the cart with them, wouldn't they? The people who come from the funeral home would have brought a cart with them, I would think, yet they wheel the body out on a cart that they never brought, meaning the other one was either left there, or somebody forget to figure out the guys didn't have a cart in the first place.)

Lacey tells Harvey she doesn't want the housekeeper to keep working there.

The crooks show up and Cagney puts a tracking device on their truck. Everything goes perfect, except the crooks tell Cagney the girl's bike is gone. They end up giving the girl a bike someone else donated, and this time the girl is willing to take it.

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