The episode opens with the body of a twenty-something strangled woman being found. Cagney and Lacey join the other police at the scene. Samuels seems to be in an exceptionally foul mood.

Cagney and Lacey start investigating the murder, and they interview the boyfriend of the dead girl. They are suspicious of him. Later, the inspector holds a new conference at the precinct. The press thinks three killings might be linked but he says they are not. Samuels disagrees with the inspector, though, and says so to the press.

Cagney and Lacey continue their investigation, going to what is supposed to be a restaurant, but it turns out it's a erotic hot-line service.

Later, Samuels reveals that he and his wife are having problems.

As the investigation continues, a sleazeball working for the inspector wants Cagney and Lacey to clue him in on anything they find out, and that the inspector wants Samuels out of his job.

It looks like the investigation is making progress when they find a man who had talked to all three murdered women on the erotic hot lines. While he is being given a polygraph, though, another woman is murdered.

Lacey warns Samuels about the sleazeball. Later, the actual murderer attacks another woman, but Cagney, Lacey and a whole bunch of police get there in time to save her and nab the murderer.

It's interesting to watch the episodes again after such a long time. I finally realized why I prefer Christine's character to Mary Beth. Lacey is too uptight for my tastes. She's borderline self-righteous and smug about it, and that is what bothers me about her. She's not the kind of person I feel I could have an interesting discussion with.

Cagney appears, to me, at least, to be more open-minded and interesting as a person.

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