Jane Doe #37

The episode opens with Lacey talking to a group of girls in a school. Cagney is also there. It's also apparently getting close to Cagney's birthday.

Back at the station Samuels gives them a case of a Jane Doe, a dead woman who is unidentified as of the moment.

They try to talk to a homeless person but she points a hair dryer at them and leaves.

They stop at a corner bar and the bartender knows what the dead woman was called: Mary, Queen of Scots. Then they go elsewhere to talk to more homeless women.

They find out that the woman had been in their police district station the previous night. Then they talk to a guy at the morgue. She was bludgeoned to death.

Cagney tells Lacey she has a dental appointment, but she really wants to check out a homeless shelter. The woman who runs the place knew the murdered woman. Back at the station Cagney works late by herself on the case.

Cagney figures out that the woman had been talking about a dead man and a pier. She has divers check and they find a body.

Samuels tells Cagney and Lacey that they are both going to be in a recruiting commercial for the police department.

Cagney goes to the bar at night to talk to a guy named Maurice, but there's another guy after him. She lies to him, saying she's not a cop.

Cagney gets back to her apartment and finds the door open. Her apartment is trashed. She then goes to visit Lacey and Harvey.

The episode then goes to Cagney and Lacey working on the commercial, and things are not going well.

Cagney and Lacey are fired from the commercial.

Cagney finds out who the Jane Doe really was.

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