The Grandest Jewel Thief of Them All

The episode starts out by showing past headlines about a supposed jewel thief.

In front of a hotel, a father has tried to sort of kidnap his son; he's stopped by the older guy, who is the supposed jewel thief. He has to go to the station to make a statement about what he saw.

Meanwhile, a former girlfriend of Harvey is in town and he wants to have lunch with her.

Lacey finds a warrant for the old guy for nonpayment of support so they end up arresting him.

They get called to the scene of some kind of violence in progress. It turns out it's a couple of guys who have lots of stolen things including guns.

Then the episode focuses on Harvey having lunch with his ex-girlfriend. He's more interested about keeping in touch than she is.

They look at a book on classic criminals which has a whole chapter on Albert Grand, and Chris recognizes that the old guy she likes could very well be Albert Grand. It's possible he's behind some recent robberies.

Lacey talks to an informant to try to get information on Grand.

Then it's back to Harvey and his ex-girlfriend. She tells Harvey she wants to have sex with him. He turns her down.

They are sure at the office that Grand is about to pull another crime. Christine goes out at four in the morning to check out the place where he stays and finds a stolen van. She tries to stop some guys from what they are doing but gets jumped. They escape in a van driven by Grand.

Isbecki and Petrie follow a guy that might be involved, but they get misled and Cagney gets mad at them.

Then there's a domestic scene with Lacey and Harvey.

It seems Christine has become obsessed with catching Grand. She thinks she knows what place he is going to hit next and they get a call that there is a possible robbery in progress.

He fakes her out, though, and robs a different hotel.

He leaves a message on her answering machine telling her that no one has ever come closer to actually catching him in the act than her.

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