One of Our Own

The episode actually has three plot lines rather than two. First, there's the crime plot line, where a policeman is seemingly murdered by a hit man. Secondly, there's the issue of the precinct baseball team, and how Isbecki and the other men don't want any women on it. Finally, there's the plot line concerning Harvey and Lacey's problems with their careers and finding ways to be there for and take care of their children.

The episode starts with Cagney, Lacey and Petrie staking out someplace. They're trying to catch some drug pushers, who they manage to surround the pushers and capture.

At the same time, at the station, some of the guys are working on getting their baseball team organized, making sure no women are allowed on it. Isbecki is demonstrating his macho, chauvinistic self. They think Cagney doesn't know about the team, but she does.

At a restaurant, a guy is about to shoot some other guy, but a policeman stands up and gets in the way, ending up getting shot and killed.

Cagney and Lacey get there and start interviewing witnesses. I noticed that Christine got bumped by a lot of male police who were moving through the room. The Harvey/Lacey plot line is shown when their son needs to be taken to the dentist and Lacey has to stay at the station, but Harvey is reluctant to take the kid to the dentist since he's busy on his own work.

Christine later confronts Isbecki about no women being on the team. Samuels wants Cagney and Lacey to check out the dead policeman's home and family to see if he was on anyone else's payroll.

Later the gun is located and they find a print that lets them identify the shooter. The guy happens to be a professional hit man and no one can figure out why he would kill that particular policeman.

The league governing the baseball teams turn down the precinct's team since it doesn't have any women on it. So Isbecki later tries to get Cagney on the team. Then she finds out the real reason he's asking her.

Harvey pressures Lacey to stop her overtime work so she can be home on time to take care of their kids.

Cagney and Lacey are to check on some names for the D.A. and then realize that the cop that was killed might not have been the target of the shooter at all. The guy who was the actual target is in hiding. Cagney and Lacey talk to his wife, but she refuses protection. She ends up being taken hostage by the shooter. The shooter plans to kill her husband, but he ends up being surrounded by police, still holding the wife hostage.

Lacey tries to talk some sense into him. He surrenders, and Cagney makes sure everyone treats the guy really well. They don't want him bruised, shot or anything since he would then claim his rights were violated and get off of any charges lodged against him.

Mary Beth ends up on the baseball team. So does Christine. It works out for the team and clears up that plot line. The arrest of the shooter clears up that one, and since Harvey and the boys are at the game with Mary Beth, it seems that the family plot line is also cleared up, or at least partially cleared up.

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