Recreational Use

Cagney has a boyfriend who is also a cop. He also is a cocaine user, and Cagney knows this.

Her boyfriend is investigating a case of an old woman that may or may not have been pushed down a flight of stairs. Cagney gets called to the scene of a suicide of an older person. Some old people in the building talk about some punks that hit people.

The owner of the buildings where the old people have been killed is apparently trying to force the tenants out so he can convert the buildings to condos.

Cagney and Lacey get called back to the building that had the suicide and find one of the old people has been hurt. McKenna, her boyfriend, is using cocaine to stay awake on the job.

Cagney and McKenna stage a stake-out and catch two punks tearing up the building's boiler. It also becomes obvious that the cocaine is having a physical effect on McKenna.

Cagney tells Lacey about McKenna's use of cocaine and Lacey reacts quite strongly. She points out that Cagney is seeming to find nothing wrong with McKenna's use of illegal drugs, yet got mad because her father had taken some bribes when he was a copy years before.

Cagney and McKenna have dinner at Lacey and Harvey's, and it's obvious that McKenna has used some cocaine while he's there.

That night Harvey is really mad at McKenna and Cagney and McKenna are talking and she's mad also.

Cagney catches McKenna in a car with another guy who has a gun on him; McKenna owes someone money. Cagney and McKenna get into a full physical fight.

Cagney finally tells McKenna that, if he doesn't get help, she is going to turn him in.

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