Open and Shut Case

The episode opens with Lacey giving testimony about a case in court.

Later, Cagney and Lacey are given a homicide case. While talking to one of the witnesses, they find out it's dealing with a Turkish/Armenian problem.

Later, a woman comes to the precinct. Mary Beth knows her. The woman had been the victim of a group assault. The woman lost her boyfriend and was fired from her job for missing too much work due to court appearances.

The woman reveals that the conviction of one of the criminals was overturned and there will be a new trial.

Harvey test-drives a car for Christine. Lacey wants Cagney to go with her when the woman goes to the trial to help support her. Harvey tells her the car is a pass; it's been in a head-on accident.

Later they talk to a guy at the morgue. They're investigation the killing at the start of the episode. It turns out the guy didn't die from the knifing, but from a botched-up job done by a doctor in the emergency room.

They try to follow up, but the hospital rep says the doctor is no longer working for the hospital, and might have gone back to Pakistan. They find out the guy wasn't even a doctor, and that his credentials were forged.

They talk to the prosecutor and he says that he still wants to prosecute, that the stab wound was indirectly the cause of death. Later they go to the courtroom to help the woman who had been raped, but find out the defense got a continuance.

They take the woman out to dinner. A guy comes to their table and asks Lacey if she wants to dance.

Lacey goes to the courtroom for the trial (relating to the Turk/Armenian thing) and the prosecutor tells her she is to testify right away. He had given her no warning whatsoever. Her testimony doesn't go well.

Cagney is with the woman who was raped, and the woman is told the conviction of another of her rapists was overturned. The prosecuting attorney says she will have the woman arrested if she doesn't agree to testify, another brilliant example of punishing the victim.

Then it's back to the trial Lacey is involved with, and the witness (the guy from the start of the movie) makes an idiot of the defense attorney. The prosecutor gets made at Lacey for a couple of facts that come out during the trial. She tells him the witness was changing his story. The woman prosecutor tells Cagney she will have the raped woman arrested and spend the night in jail if she doesn't testify. Meanwhile, Lacey returns to the Turk/Armenian trial. The prosecutor, who refuses to pay attention to what Lacey has been telling him that there was actually no murder, says the defense attorney is trying to cop his client a plea.

Lacey and the prosecutor argue, she pointing out that the guy did not do the murder, so a plea of possessing a switchblade is obtained.

The woman who was raped agrees to testify.

The car Cagney was going to buy turns out to be a junker.


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