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But What If….

An Index and Introduction to the Cagney and Lacey Fan Fiction written by Joanne

Hi. Thanks for showing an interest in my stories. I hope this introduction and index help you to enjoy these stories more!

I first saw Cagney and Lacey in 2000 when TNN ran the series - I was hooked immediately! I was not ready to see the characters ride off into the sunset when the series ended. They were still great cops and great characters and I wanted to know what happened next. The story wasn't over. These stories are the result of my own re-discovery of the joy of writing - and of telling stories.

I wrote these stories as a tribute to the series - to the characters; the people who created the characters and to the people who still care about Christine Cagney and Mary Beth Lacey (and there are several!). I tried to write in the style of the series - concentrating on the relationship between the two characters while including a police story or two. I relied a little more on peril to create drama than the series - but hopefully I haven't made either Cagney or Lacey victims. My attempt at a believable police story varies from story to story - after all, everything I know about police work I learned from Cagney and Lacey! Finally, I'd like to thank those who have commented on these stories, especially Kristy, another C&L fan fiction writer - they've made these better stories with their comments.

I enjoyed writing these stories - hopefully you will enjoy reading them.


In the order the stories were written. The dates before each story indicate when the story occurred.

Present: Stuff - my first attempt - short and silly

1989 : Challenges: After "A Fair Shake"

1990: In the Dark: amnesia, an ice storm and a very scary bad guy.

1990's : Mothers and Daughters: Chris deals with her relationship to her mother.

1995: Déjà vu: In which Cagney leaps tall buildings and Lacey becomes a grandmother.

1998: The Sting: A major cases sting led by Cagney and Lacey goes awry.

1980/1998: Black and White: When Cagney met Lacey.

1982: Abduction: An abduction and the aftermath.

1984: Murder Most Complicated: When just doing the job isn't enough.

1998: The Cost: Hero worship, old habits and Mansfield!

1983: Voudon: Bimbos, zombies and hat-tricks, oh my!

1985: The Ballad of the Highwayman: Old friends, old challenges and a cat burglar.

2000: And No One Mourned: Stokes is released - guess who he looks up first!

2001: Set-up: Older, smarter and still fighting back.

1987: Unto Thine Own Self: Pregnant?

2001: Last Laugh: Cagney as Chief of Detectives? Over who's dead body?

2001: Chat Room: Cpt. Cagney and Lt. Lacey take on an Internet predator.

1983: Black Thorn: Cagney goes undercover and Lacey picks up the pieces.

1984: Crash and Burn: Peril, hostages and "Cagney and Lacey go camping".

2001/1974: One of the Boys: Originally titled: Don't Call Me Sweetheart. Old wounds.

2001: Blue Amazon: In over their heads?

Past and Future: Time and Again - The Further (And Mostly Possible) Adventures of Cagney and Lacey: Will our heroes make it to retirement? Cagney and Lacey deal with the aftermath of a very early case.

1986: Letter of the Law: Cagney crosses the line, making Lacey complicit

in a crime.


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