My Pick for Top Ten Episodes

These are the ten best Cagney & Lacey episodes in my opinion. They are not in any order, though, since it is almost impossible to determine just exactly how much one is behind or beyond the other since they are all excellent shows.

1. "Who Says It's Fair": Season 3. Shows numbers 51 and 562. The two parter dealt with Mary Beth Lacey discovering that she has a lump in her breast and everything that results from that discovery.

2. "Violation": Season 3, episode #56. A teenage boy is put into jail for a minor offense and ends up getting raped. A rather depressing but still important episode.

3. "The Clinic": Season 4, show #63. The detectives escort a Latino woman to an abortion clinic which is later firebombed. The episode was considered so controversial that it was not shown in some affiliates.

4. "Two Grand." : Season 3, episode #54. Concerns the very cultured thief Albert Grand. Basically a tear-jerker at the end.

5. "Greed": Season 6, show #110. This is a real clunker with the detectives being dressed up as fruits for a game show. This one is so bad it's actually good.

6. Another two-parter, "Turn, Turn, Turn": Year 5, shows #102 and 103. Cagney's father dies form his drinking; Cagney has a drinking problem and Lacey tries to get her to go to AA.

7. "The Gimp": Season 4, show #72. This is a really important show which reveals the kinds of trouble handicapped people have to go through even in matters such as getting a taxi.

8. "High Steel." Season 1, show #10. Harvey and Mary Beth work together to check out problems at a job site. If I remember this episode correctly Mary Beth has to end up climbing up a building under construction, nearly falls and panics, holding on to a girder while her mind basically goes away for a while.

9. "Do I Know You?": Season 6, show #112. Deals with date rape, and Cagney is the one raped.

10. "The Zealot." Season 5, show #93. Deals with the problems an Islamic family has culturally with their daughter and American culture.

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