Angela Hickin's choice for top 10 episodes

1. Old Debts. A great mixture of a good story and the intricacies of Cagney's budding affair with Dory McKenna, of which Mary Beth doesn't really approve.

2.Who Said It's Fair - for the reasons you gave.

3. On the Street. The first meeting of David Keeler. Cagney thinks he is a dentist and is in for a shock!!

4.Play It Again Santa. My all time favourite, a great mix of comedy and pathos. The scene in Cagney's flat with Keeler and Newman is great. Lacey is heavily pregnant and wants to go swimming, and Cagney gets jealous of Keeler. Some great one-liners, well timed acting, and some sadness at the end, perfect!

5. The Gimp. A lovely show, and Cagney's too late assertion at the end that this was one man she would have made time for.

6. Cost of Living. Mansfield gets the better of Cagney again, and she loses David Keeler as well, leaving him to pursue her with a venom over the next few episodes!!

7. Happiness Is A Warm Gun. Lacey is shot, but Cagney is too wrapped up in her own problems to offer help.

8. Turn, turn, turn. What can I say. Brilliant. I watch this one when I am sad or pissed off, or just pissed!!

9.Don't I know You? Cagney is raped, and it hurts. A great show.

10. Hello Goodbye. Cagney refuses to marry David Keeler, but oh how I wanted him to stick around!

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