True Convictions

The basic plot in this film is that a homeless man is accused of murder but Harvey knows the guy and knows he's not a murderer. The murder took place right outside where Chris lives. Chris also happens to be heavily involved in a capital murder case. The girlfriend of the murdered guy ends up dead, dying of a heroin overdose.

They do a lot of research and find out the girl who killed herself had a drug dealer boyfriend who may have killed the guy out of jealousy. For some very strange reason Harvey starts talking about racism, Nixon and how poor people are the ones who end up in the military. I have no idea at all where this came from; it just suddenly appears. Then they throw in a sexual situation with the dead girl's father and Mary Beth's daughter brings a box cutter to school and accidentally cuts herself with it. I'm feeling that a fair bit of what is going on is really nothing but material to pad the movie.

In another bit I don't understand Harvey is trying to get Mary Beth to allow Alice (their daughter) to go to a birthday party even though Mary Beth does not want her to go because of her taking the knife to school. Doesn't Harvey understand how serious that was? Alice could have been expelled from the school for the rest of the year and even longer. Police could have been involved since what she did is carrying a weapon to school. I'm somewhat over half-way through the movie and things just aren't making sense.

One case involves evidence that might have been planted. Also, Christine may be having sex with the father of the girl who he may have hired someone to murder her boyfriend.

Everything is resolved, of course, by the end of the movie. Overall it's a decent movie, but it has what I consider to be some rather major flaws.

Aired January 30, 1996

Chris' next door neighbor's boyfriend is shot, right outside her nice doorman building. This isn't her case, but when the neighbor commits suicide, she gets involved with the girl's (married) father. Of course, Mary Beth doesn't approve, but maybe the father arranged the murder? In the crime case, our heroines are working on the first capital murder case in New York in many years, and of course Chris shoots her mouth off. The Lacey plot line concerns Harvey's dislike of capital punishment and Alice's attempt to take a knife to school. By now, there are no other characters left from the original series except Harvey and Alice.

In this feature-length film Cagney and Lacey become involved with a terrifying murder and Christine realizes the dead man's hysterical girlfriend is her neighbor and she soon dies of a drugs overdose. Meanwhile Mary-Beth and Harvey are having marriage problems and Cagney, who is awaiting her final divorce papers, begins a relationship with the father of a dead girl who could also be her killer.

(approx 89 mins) PG. The world's most popular female crime-busting duo return in this movie-length adventure. When a drug-related drive-by shooting occurs in front of Christine Cagney's (Sharon Gless) apartment building, Christine finds herself becoming romantically involved with the deceased's girlfriend's father. Meanwhile, Mary Beth Lacey (Tyne Daly) and Christine are assigned as special investigators for a capital murder case, which causes a strain in Mary Beth's relationship with her husband Harvey (John Karlen), who opposes the death penalty.

Sharon Gless, Tyne Daly, Michael Moriarty, Chip Zien, Sam Coppola, John Karlen Directed by Lynne Littman

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