These are all topics I believe people should be aware of. As with everyone on the Internet, any topics that involve giving out personal information or anything having to do with money need to be approached carefully.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Amnesty International


National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
National Center for Transgendere Equality

LBGT and Transgender In General

30 LGBTQ Scholarships For Higher Education

Financial Aid for LGBTQ Students

Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network

Grad School Financial Aid for LGBTQ Students

LBGTQ Comprehensive Guide to Drug Abuse

LGBTQ Friendly Colleges & Student Resources

LGBTQ Student Resources & Support

Most Progressive LBGT Graduate Degrees

Preventing Addiction and Suicide in Transgender Teens

Resources for LGBTQ College Students

Resources and Support for LGBTQ College Students

Scholarships and financial aid for LGBTQ students.

Students and Gender Identity.

Teachers as LGBTQ Allies

The Cost of Gender Transition

Transgender College Student Resource Guide

Transgender College Students: A Guide to Finding a Supportive School

Transgender Student Resources

Transgender in the Workplace

My own Transgender page with reviews of TG-related books

Legal Aid

Transgender Law Center

Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund

Other Links

The Trevor Project

National Center for Transgender Equality

I Am Trans People Speak

Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders

Trans Youth Equality Foundation

Transgender in the Workplace

Asian Americans


Japanese American Citizens League

National Council of Asian Pacific Americans

Black Lives Matter

African American Organizations to Know

Black Lives Matter Resoures

Support Black-Owned Businesses: 181 Places to Start Online

Top Black Organizations and Non-Profits

Addiction (Drugs and Alcohol)

9 Best LGBT-Friendly Drug Rehab Centers In The U.S.
10 Best Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers In The US In 2020
Alcoholism In The LGBTQ Community
College Substance Abuse Statistics, Facts, & Recovery : The Complete Guide
Dead Inside: The Link Between Addiction and Suicide
Depression and Addiction Rehab
Detox Centers and Drug Rehabs
Detox Local
Drug and Alcohol Addiction in the LGBTQ Community
Helping You Overcome Addiction
LGBTQ+ and Addiction
LGBTQIA+ Friendly Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers Near You
Substance Abuse in College Web Site
The Guide to Rebuilding Bridges With Your Loved Ones After Battling Addiction

Aid for Veterans

Grants for Veterans

Aid for Single Mothers

Financial Help for Single Mothers

Aid for Felons

Aid for Felons

Bullying, Cyberbullying and General Safety

51 Critical Cyberbulying Statistics for 2020

A Guide to Digital Citizenship and Cyber-Laws

Books (fact and fiction) and articles about bullying

Bullying Article

Bullying, Awareness and Prevention

Bullying and Cyberbullying Awareness

Bullying Awareness Guidebook

Bullying by the Numbers: A Breakdown of Bullying Statistics and Facts


Cyberbullying: What Is Cyberbullying and How to Stop It

Cyberbullying Article

Cyberbullying Resources

Cyberbullying Statistics

CyberBullying Statistics (updated for 2021)

E-Safety Guide to Keep your Kids Safe

Guide to Cyberbullying Laws

Guide to Keeping Your Children Safe Online

How Parents and Educators Can Protect Childrens Online Privacy

How to Protect Your Children on Their Smartphone

Internet Safety for Teens, Kids, and Students

Life-Changing Guide to Protect Your Children on Their Smartphone

Online Safety Tips for Kids & Parents(Best Internet Privacy Guide 2020)

Social Media Cyber-bullying: Online Safety and Security Tips for Children, Teens and Young Adults

Stop Bullying(.gov site)

The Ultimate Parent Guide for Protecting Your Child on the Internet

Top 10 Senior Scams and How to Prevent Them

Understanding Cyberbullying in College

What Is Cyberbullying? An Overview for Students, Parents, and Teachers

Your Complete Guide to Feeling Safer on Your College Campus

Website and Social Media Safety Tips for All Ages

College Aid

Companies with Tuition Reimbursement to Finance Your Education

Computer Safety

A Guide to Keeping Children Safe Online (A Good Read For Non-Techy Parents)

A Guide to Protecting Children's Privacy Online

A Guide to Public Wifi Security Risks & How to Use it Safely

A Life-Changing Parent's Guide For Their Kids Online Safety

Common Online Scams Targeting Seniors : Tips To Protect You From Online Scams

Computer and Internet Safety Tips

Data Science Programs

E Safety Guide for Parents & Kids To Keep Kids Safe Online

Helping Kids Stay Active & Safe in the Internet Age

How Much Privacy Do You Have Online?

How to Keep Children Safe Online in a Post-Covid World

How to keep kids and teens safe online

How to Keep Kids Safe Using Social Media

How To Keep Your Children Safe Online

Internet Safety facts For Kids: e-safety Tips for parents To follow [2019]

Internet Safety for Teens, Kids, and Students

Internet Safety Guide for Seniors

Internet Safety Squad

Parental Controls: How to Safeguard Children from Online Infelicitous Content

Protecting Children�s Privacy Online � A Guide for Parents, Carers and Educators

Shop Safely Online With Cybersecurity Information

The Ultimate Internet Safety Guide for Parents & Kids

The Ultimate Internet Safety Guide for Seniors

VPN Beginner's Guide

Webcam Security

Your Guide to Online Holiday Shopping Safety

General Health Issues

A Guide to Sleeping with Coronavirus Anxiety

Animal Therapy Costs & How to Afford Them

Adrenal Fatigue

Annette Funicello Research Fund For Neurological Diseases

Avril Lavigne Foundation Against Lyme Disease

Cancer in the LGBT Community

How Do Face Masks Work

How to Beat the Monday Blues [Ultimate Guide + Infographic]

Mesothelioma Hub

Mesothelioma Lawsuit

Emotional and Physical Wellness : Living with Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma Guide

Mesothelioma Legal Aid

Mesothelioma Help Now

Mesothelioma Veteran's Center

Renter's Guide to Coronovirus

Sleeping: The Ultimate Guide To Sleeping Better On A College Campus

Sleeping Well in the Digital Age

Smoking Among College Students

Stop Smoking

The Definitive Guide To Car Seat Safety for Kids

Mental Health Issues

Anger, Depression, and Disability: Adapting to a New Reality

The Ultimate Guide to Art Therapy for Students

Counseling Degrees

College Resources for Students with Mental Health Problems

Data Science, Crisis Counseling, and the Mental Health Industry

Depression in College

How to Choose Your Online Master's in Counseling Program

How to Deal with Stress in College During Covid-19

Internet Mental Health. "Our goal is to improve understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illness throughout the world. "

Mental Health in College

Mental Health in Grad School

Mind's Eye-Information on Depression

Mindfulness for Students: 5 Benefits & 6 Techniques

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

National Foundation for Depressive Illness, Inc.

No Game, No Gain: How Playing Video Games Makes You Smarter

Promoting Student Mental Health

Protect Your Family's Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Psychology Degrees

PTSD: Explaining and Understanding PTSD

Schizophrenia Information Center

Social Support in College

Sleep Guide for Anxiety

Staying Motivated: A Toolkit for People with SAD

Stress in college students for 2019: (how to cope).

Study Stress Infographic:15 Things You Need to Know

Understanding Sleep Hygiene and Mental Health

Please note: There are more of these mental health links on my Mariette Hartley page which is here.

Native American Rights

Native American grants

Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse Resource



School Aids, general

How to Actually Enjoy Studying

Social Justice and Social Work

Choosing The Best Online Master's in Social Work Program for You

College Degrees for Social Justice

Free Grants for Women

Master of Social Work Degree Guide

Social Work Degree Guide


After a Suicide Attempt: A Guide for Family & Friends

Article by Jennifer Scott

Earlier Than Too Late: Stopping Stress and Suicide Among Emergency Personnel

How Those Feeling Suicidal Following a Major Loss Can Get Help and Manage Their Grief

How to Cope with Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings - In Yourself & Others

Left Behind After Suicide

Our's Nation's Young and Suicide

Preventing Addiction and Suicide in Transgender Teens

Article by Jennifer Scott

Suicide and Depression Awareness Guidebook

Navigating Family Life after a Suicide Attempt

Suicide Awareness-Voices of Education

Suicide Prevention in College

Teens and Peer Suicide: Dangerous Potential After-Effects


Vaping: Health Effects and More

Concerns Explode Over New Health Risks of Vaping

Legal Aid