Monster Spotter's Guide to North America

248 pages, 2007. Divides the U.S. Into sections and examines cryptids from each section. Introduction is divided into sections on Why Monsters, The Perils of Monster Hunting, How to Become a Monster Spotter and Types of Monsters.

Most of the cryptid books I have read divide most of the monsters into a few categories: ones related to the pterodactyls, various sea creatures related to the plesiosaurs and Bigfoot-type cryptids. There are also the things like the Frogmen of Loveland, the Mothman, etc. There is also a group that could be basically regular creatures that have been mutated due to pollution and/or radiation.

The problem with this field is much the same as it is with the field that studies UFOs and that is the total lack of [ndisputable evidence such as bones. The field of cryptozoology will not be accepted as an actual science until it can meet the very strict things scientists have decided are acceptable.

One very interesting thing is that many of the stories of these strange creatures go back to Native American culture, a fact usually ignored by most writers.

Some of the names are funny like the Squonk and the Loveland Frog Man. Then there's the Abominable Swamp Slob (A.S.S.) and the Everglades Skunk Ape which likes to steal pots of lima beans!

Not a huge book but a cute one and fairly good.

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