A Complete Guide to Faeries and Magical Beings

Never use the word 'complete' in the title of a book unless it is complete. This one isn't and I haven't read a book involving the paranormal that was really 'complete. There is just so much involved in the paranormal that it's almost impossible to have 'complete' actually be just that.

Even in encyclopedias of the paranormal there are things not covered. One of the difficulties is that many of these books are written based on the Western experience with paranormal beings and don't include information on beings from other cultures and other times. I just ordered a book over 700 pages long and I'll be interested to see just how 'complete' that one is.

Anyhow, for what's in the book, this one is very good. It has informational chapters and each chapter ends with a practical application of the information there. There is also a glossary of world fairies. The book goes into the origin of fairies, how they appear in literature, types of fairies and lots of other information. It's a useful reference.

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