Journal of Cryptozoology Volume 1 November 2012

This is the first of the journals. The journals attempt to make a more traditional approach to the subject of cryptids and, as such, use a similar approach to those magazines that are in well established scientific fields.

This one is 62 pages long although it's dimensions are less than those of a regular magazine. It opens with an editorial. It then covers the following subjects:

A Digital Search Assistant for Cryptozoological Field Expeditions.

The Queensland Tiger: Further Evidence on the 1871 Footprint.

The Second 'Scapsaurus (re)Discovered.

Identifying 'Jaws,' the Margaret River Mammal Carcass.

Instructions to contributors.

The 'Jaws' case is shown to be an ordinary animal. None of the articles deal with the traditional cryptids and the articles are not written by 'true believers.' The first article in particular is very complicated and it's obvious that these journals are not meant for the average reader.

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