Monster Files

2013, 286 pages.

This is a book that deals with possible conspiracies relating to certain cryptid type of creatures. It covers certain government-level conspiracies over the existence of these animals and what use they could be to the government. The conspiracies range, of course, from those that make some sense to some that make very little sense at all.

The topics include:

The Presidents Bigfoot. (Concerns Teddy Roosevelt.)
Serpents of high Seas. (Typical huge sea creatures.)
An army of Manimals. (Stalin's Ape Men.)
A Wartime Wolfman. (A hairy disease.)
Weird and Wacky Winged Wonders of War. (Bats with Bombs.)
How the Pentagon Made a Monster. (A fire-breathing scarecrow.)
Welcome to the Jungle. Army. (Psychological warfare.)
A Yeti-hunting 007. (Spying while hunting a Yeti.)
Secret Agents and a Supersized Snake.
Autopsying a Monster.
The Strange Saga of Acoustic Kitty. (Let's train cats as spies.)
The Minnesota Iceman, the FBI and the Vietnam War. (I saw the iceman on display long ago.)
From Lake Monsters to Secret Experiments.
Sasquatch, UFOs and the U.S. Air Force (Dimensional doorways?)
Back in the U.S.S.R.
Are We Ready for Bigfoot.
A Mountain of Secrets. (More about Bigfoot.)
The Nessie Files.
A Nightmare From the Skies.
Specrtes and Phantimals.
The ABCs of a Royal Conspiracy.(Princess Diana.)
The Biggest Blooper of Them All.
In Search of the Government's Mermaids.
The Cat is Out of the Bag. (ABCs, Alien Big Cats.)
Werewolves and the Military.
Something Dwells Down Under.

As you can see the book covers a wide variety of stories and possible conspiracies. It's an interesting read and at probably quite a few of the topics are actually real. The problem with these, as with all both books dealing with conspiracies and cryptids is that the authors of the books are presenting things that are very extraordinary and asking people to believe certain things happened and certain creatures exist.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof and that is where the various books fall down. Specific government papers would help along with very clear photos of the creatures yet these are very hard to get, of course, but would raise the believability factor.

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