The Shadow Knows part 6: The Shadow's Agents

This section is about the various agents that the Shadow employs.

This shows a cover from one of the pulps, the Shadow meeting with his agents.

I like the way the Shadow works on these. He collects reports from his agents, cuts them up, puts them in a different order and pastes them onto paper, and is able to figure out things that way.

Harry Vincent, the agent that the Shadow picked up in the first pulp by saving his life when Vincent was going to kill himself by jumping off a bridge.

Clyde Burke, who worked as a reporter. This was an excellent position from which to gain information that he could pass on to the Shadow.

Cliff Marsland, a character of the underworld who blended in perfectly, really worked for the Shadow.

Hawkeye was used as a tracker.

Tapper was an ex-safe cracker.

Jericho Druke was a black man. To have a black man working in something as important as the Shadow's employ was actually a major step for the time, considering how strong the anti-black prejudice was in those days.

Moe Shrevnitz was the Shadow's personal cab driver.

Burbank was the master of the communications facility.

Margot Lane. Notice first the “T” at the end of the name. Her name is either spelled Margo or Margot depending on what source you read. The movie uses the “T”, but in the very next scene shows some artwork of her, spelling her name Margo. I checked one of my Shadow pulps, and her name was Margo in that one, at least. Anyhow, she was Lamont Cranston's girlfriend, basically, but also an agent for the Shadow.

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