Danger Man: View from the Villa

The episode opens with a man being beaten by another man. Seems a third man, who is watching, wants to know the location of gold that the pummeled man took from the bank. During the beating-up process he ends up being killed. Just after this happens, there is a noise in a nearby bedroom and the two criminals rush in, only to find a woman has seen everything and fled.

Enter John Drake, a person sent to take care of the work that the CIA and related agencies don't seem to want to do. He travels to Rome (the scene of the crime) and takes some of the disappeared women's clothes, trying to track down who she is.

John Drake has a very, very quick style of asking questions and then suddenly leaving. He manages to put together a picture of what is going on, though, tracking down the missing woman through a painting that she did (which, incidentally, happens to be Portmerion, scene of The Prisoner tv series).

He travels to the "villa" (Portmerion) and finds the gold, but also finds the two criminals and the deceased man's wife. There is a fight and John Drake nearly loses, but the missing woman (who he had found) manages to shot the one crook with a gun, thus saving Drake's life.

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