An Affair of State

The episode opens with a dead man's body being thrown into the water and a police officer killed. The man was from the U.S., checking the finances of San Pablo. Drake is brought in to continue the man's job, supposedly. The country wants a loan from the U.S.

Drake talks to the Minister of Police and is told the American guy had committed suicide and left a note. Drake checks up on the story about the guy's gambling and other bad habits and people tell him the guy did a lot of gambling.

One woman disputes the story, though, and breaks into Drake's place and tells him everyone but her is lying. She is attacked by two guys when she leaves but Drake manages to beat them off.

Drake talks to the guy that use to work with the American and finds out that he had discovered something just before he disappeared. The woman that talked to Drake ends up being taken by the Minister of Police who is crooked.

The Minister of Finance agrees to let Drake check the country's gold reserves, but he's also in on the scam. In the vaults they attack Drake but he beats them and discovers that some of the gold is simply nothing but lead covered by a thin layer of gold.

An interesting episode with a variety of directions the story could take, leaving the viewer not knowing the full truth till close to the end.

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