The Key

The episode opens with a guy being killed while on the phone, supposedly in Vienna.

The problem is that secret information is being leaked and a man named Harry Logan is the prime suspect (a journalist). Drake poses as a newspaper man to meet him and gets to meet him and his wife.

Drake tells the guy he isn't really a journalist and explains the situation. Very few people have the information that is being leaked, so there aren't many suspects. Only Logan and an ambassador are now suspects.

Logan's wife is from Hungary. Drake gives him a fake story and in a few days it appears.

Drake goes to his room and finds his gun missing (his gun? I thought he didn't carry one?) Some guy shows up and tries to kill him.

Logan meanwhile finds a duplicate key to his safe in his wife's room. Logan confesses to sending the message but Drake doesn't believe him. Logan's wife goes to meet Drake's would-be killer and they both end up being caught.

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