The Sisters

This is totally a cold war-type of story. A professor from Slavosk escapes to the West. She supposedly has a sister and it becomes Drake's job to go to Slavosk, get the girl out of the prison she has been put in, get her across the border and bring her back to England so the girl can verify that the professor is really who she claims to be.

Drake and another man pose as guards to get the girl from prison and Drake and the girl barely manage to escape across the border. When they get back, though, the girl may or may not be the professor's real sister, or the professor might not really be who she claims to be.

The one guy from above shows up again, this time to kill Drake, the "sister" turning out to be the fake one, but Drake has outsmarted them and the two are taken into custody by the police with the professor being proven to be exactly who she claims to be.

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