The Traitor

Drake is following somebody through India on a train. Blatta is a spy and initially escapes Drake.

Drake exits the train in Northern India and makes contact with another NATO agent there who refers to Blatta as "the cockroach," the name he's known by in that area. He meets a woman at a garage and later finds out that she's the one Blatta has been passing secrets to.

Drake finds out where the woman lives high on a mountain. The man and his wife are both working with the Chinese Communists and send them information and request them to identify Drake.

Drake finds the man's information-transfer center and they end up talking. Drake takes him back to the city but it turns out the man is seriously ill and he dies in the hotel room.

This is not an episode which makes much sense. Drake and the traitor talking? Drake not taking copies of any of the papers from the room? Drake making no attempt to make sure the guy doesn't escape? Drake accepting without question the woman's story that her husband is sick? There is a lot of this episode that just doesn't really make much sense at all.

This is not what I would consider one of the better episodes, to say the least.

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