Colonel Rodriguez

Various "spies" have been killed on an Montique, an island country, and another alleged spy (actually just an American journalist) is taken into custody. Foreigners and minority groups are considered scapegoats for problems in a dictatorship (just like today in almost any country).

The man's wife gets a mysterious note offering information to help free her husband for $10,000. Drake goes to meet the man to find out there is information that could hurt the chief of police. Drake is posing as a journalist.

The colonel sets a trap to make it appear that Drake has killed a woman. He wants the letter of information that he thinks Drake already has.

Drake escapes and contacts the journalists wife, but the police are hot on his trail. Through some careful work he is able to turn the tables on the police chief and get the release of the journalist and his wife, both.

Altogether not a bad episode.

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