The Island

A woman misses a flight and ends up having to take a charter flight instead. She is the daughter of the president of the airlines and forces a flight attendant to change clothes with her so she can get on the plane. Drake, meanwhile, is escorting to felons.

The two crooks who are professional assassins.

The assassins manage to escape and that leads to the plane crashing.

They get on to an island. The woman still fails to realize that, because of her being on the plane and her carelessness, two men (the pilot and a security officer with Drake) and now dead.

They are trapped on an island, the two crooks off to themselves, the woman complaining about how hungry she is.

They find out the island isn't deserted. It turns out the crooks found him first and convinced him that Drake is evil.

The evil men knock out the hermit and get his gun but they don't realize Drake has put shotgun shells in the fire.

They think they have Drake trapped.

Drake jumps the guy with the gun who accidentally shoots his partner.

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