Danger Man: Find and Return

A woman gets a call in the middle of the night. Someone called her to warn her the police were coming to get her so she escapes in time.

A guy named Hardy has called Drake in to tell him about the woman who escaped his men. They want her for espionage and possibly high treason. She is protected by her friends, though, some in high places, apparently.

Drake demands 5000 pounds plus another 5000 pounds for the passport that Hardy wants.

He finds out that the woman is staying with a very wealthy man in another country.

Drake talks to the guy's wife while he plays a casino card game with the other woman.

Drake meets a guy in his hotel room after the guy tried to shoot him. They used to be friends, but the guy's gone over to the other side.

Drake talks to the guys wife and she will get him an invitation to their house. Meanwhile one of the other agents tells Drake that he killed the other's side's contact man who was Drakes friend-turned-foe.

Drake meets Vanessa Stewart at the guy's house and acts like he's the person from the "other" side that is supposed to get her out of the country.

The other operative helps Drake hijack the car with the woman. They get back to London and Drake reveals that he knows she knew they were going to London. It turns out she is upset at Drake's friend being killed and doesn't want to be involved in the espionage stuff any more. Drake destroys her passport saving her from an even longer prison sentence.

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