The Girl Who Liked G.I.s

A girl has her supposed boyfriend drop her off at a place but as soon as he leaves she goes somewhere else, obviously misleading him as to where she really lives.

He returns to his apartment and is killed. Apparently he was involved in top security relating to missiles.

Drake meets a guy claiming to be from West German Intelligence. The guy thinks the G.I. was going to sell secrets to the enemy and they ended up killing him.

The woman calls the room and Drake pretends he's someone who is a good friend of the G.I.

Drake shows up as a G.I. for a date with the woman. He goes out on a date with her and then follows her when she fakes living at the hostel. Later two guys jump Drake but he gets the best of them.

It turns out the G.I. left some film with the girl to develop, and it also turns out that the Colonel Drake met earlier is really a traitor.

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