Name, Date and Place

A murdered man is found under a bed in a hotel room, (an Italian minister of state). He's also the seventh man murdered in what appears to be a series of linked murders.

Drake thinks some kind of organization like Murder, Inc., is killed the men for someone else. (This is also interesting in that the man with Drake, playing one of the people he works with, later placed in the Prisoner series as Fotheringay in Chimes of Big Ben, playing, again, one of the people that the Prisoner had worked with.

Drake meets one contact. (This is again interesting. The woman is Jean Marsh who later played in Upstairs, Downstairs.)

Drake talks to a man who he thinks is involved in the organization doing the murders.

Later a woman shows up at Drake's apartment and she is another one involved in the group, the other man giving Drake's name to her.

Drake goes to Paris and pretends to be the person that is supposed to be killed.

The assassin.

Drake goes to the one guy's place and says that the man who was supposed to be killed wasn't and he wants his money back and wants the killer there right away. The guy falls for it and the woman shows up and then sees that Drake is the man she was supposed to have killed.

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