Time to Kill

In this second episode a professor is at a party and is killed by a hidden gunman. Drake is told that "they" (whoever "they") are, know who did it and it's Drakes job to remove the threat. Drake says he won't kill him, though; he'll try to capture him alive .

This is obviously a cold-war type of story since Drake has to travel to some quite unfriendly country. While his car is being inspected at the border he meets a woman who ends up causing him a lot of trouble later when she stops by the side of the road to see if Drake needs help with his car.

Drake had been setting up for going after the buy, but the woman's interference causes them to be handcuffed together by some guard or military person. Drake still tries to carry out his task but the woman again interferes, causing the two of them to be chased by the killer and two others.

During a fight in a hunting lodge Drake accidentally kills the assassin and he and the woman flee in a helicopter.

It's interesting how cold-war-ish this episode is. It's also interesting that Drake said he wouldn't kill the guy but the first thing he does when he finds him is set up a sniping rifle, so there seems to be a little contradiction there.

All-in-all an interesting episode from a historical viewpoint, and an episode showing Drake does not like to kill as a first alternative.

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