The Deputy Coyannis Story

Something crooked is going on here. The people have $5000 to pay off someone for something.

The fake policemen cold-bloodedly murdered two of the men from the above group.

Drake is narrating and says something about the Internal Monetary Fund. Internal? I thought it was International.

The man tells Drake how the IMF money is being misused by their government.

Drake talks to the Minister that Coyannis, the guy who had been filling Drake in about the situation, really hates. The Minister says that the money the country received has not produced results since the peasants refuse to modernize.

A guy gave a message to Drake saying he would be told the truth but before Drake can talk to him the guy is murdered and Drake is shot at. He returns to talk again to Coyannis.

The Minister's wife apparently wants him to be able to flee the country with her. In exchange, she will give Drake the proof he needs that other men are the ones responsible for the mis-use of the money.

Drake finds out that Madonna (the woman in the pic) is the one responsible for the betrayals, etc.

Drake talks to the wife again who knows that Madonna is her husband's mistress. The Minister is shot and killed accidentally when he arrives and tries to kill his wife.

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