The Nurse

Two people are walking in a desert-like area.

Drake is in a helicopter when he hears that some king was assassinated and that rebel forces have taken over his palace. He's there to rescue the man and his wife.

Drake finds the nurse who has with her the last surviving member of the country's royal family.

They escape from one attempt on their lives.

The evil men follow them and the helicopter that was to pick them up had to leave so Drake and the nurse made their way to another town.

The inn-keeper sells out Drake, the nurse and the baby.

Drake has a fake handout printed saying that the royal child has a particular birthmark. He then makes his way to the palace, finds the nurse and the child and a rebel soldier who wants to kill the kid. The handout is read, though, and the birthmark is not on the child so the rebel doesn't believe it's the royal baby anymore even though it actually is.

Government soldiers enter and capture the rebel soldier. The baby will is turned over to them and the nurse chooses to say with the child.

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