The Lovers

The story opens with a strange man leaving a note in John Drake's car. Drake has been called to the Baravian embassy to meet with a man who is, essentially, an enemy. Although an enemy, the man respects Drake's ability and asks him to help make sure nothing happens to his country's president and his wife during their visit.

Drake agrees to help and finds the note, meeting a man who is a bomb-maker at a bar. The guy tells Drake someone ordered a bomb and it might be planned for the Baravian preisdent. He wants money for information, but before being able to tell Drake all the details he is murdered.

Drake finds out that the president's wife feels sorry for her country's exiles (there had been an uprising and many left). Drake manages to determine where the bomb is, but it's not meant for the president, just his wife.

This is one of the best episodes in the series so far. Very tense, fast-moving and with an unexpected twist.

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