The Sanctuary

The episode opens with some men blowing up a railroad track. They are part of the IRA, the Irish Republican Army.

Drake is sent to talk to a man who is about to get out of prison and who has accepted a job working for one of the men in that group. Drake poses as that guy and goes to meet his prospective employer.

Things go well at first, and Drake is shown a hidden place they have which contains numerous guns and even hand grenades. His ruse is exposed, though, and he flees.

He barely manages to escape.

The episode is sort of confusing in the latter part. An old butler that they have ends up apparently being the one to call the police and warn them about what is going on although just why he believes Drake's story about what is going on is unclear.

It's a little too convenient an ending, really. This might have made a better hour episode where they could have made things a little clearer.

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