Heaven's Bookstore Special Features

This comes with the special edition of the movie, a two-disc set that includes five postcards and a bookmark that has a clip from the movie in it.


Piano Lesson

Apparently, neither of the two primary actors is actually a pianist. What they do is have people instruct them on where their hands should move so it makes them appear to be actually playing (although the only sound they actually make is dissonant.)


This is just sort of clips of all sorts of different things. One girl dropped her father's mobile phone in the toilet; another woman is trying to glue together the director's watch. One scene shows lots of people seated on the grass and they are acting like they are watching fireworks while some guy yells “bang, bang” to indicate fireworks going off.


This is the song Eternity from the movie, done as a video, with clips from the movie itself and some behind-the-scenes clips, along with some slightly arty type of camera work.

Heaven's Bookstore-Firefly

This is like having someone read a book to you, as is done in the movie. It's a very pretty and nice story.

Gala Premiere-conference with audiences

Someone plays the piano while various people give short recitations. Then the main actors speak briefly.

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