My Little Chef

My Little Chef is a wonderful ten-episode series that is about Seri, a young woman whose father was a chef and who also wishes to become a chef.

Nazuna is her younger sister (by another mother), and fiercely devoted to her old sister.

Together they get a job at a new restaurant run by the former manager of a much larger restaurant. Together with Todo and Taiichi, the other two chefs, they manage to establish a new type of restaurant. Seri talks to the customers and, from what she learns about them, manages to prepare special meals suited just for them.

There is also the matter, though, of Seri's biological mother who is alive and living in Paris and who has not seen Seri for twenty years.

Economics are the major villain in the series, though, as running a restaurant is an expensive and difficult business.

The series is like King's Restaurant in some ways; two of the actors are from that series (Todo is one, the other appears in only one episode). For two episodes they have the same type of ending, where hints are made of something absolutely HORRIBLE that is due to happen the next week. In addition, the final episode features someone from the Iron Chef program, as it did in King's Restaurant.

However, this series is different in many ways, too, centered as it is about Seri and her wonderful insight into people and their needs and desires. This is a thoroughly enjoyable series, an absolute must for anyone interested in Japanese doramas.

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