The Ghost


The story concerns a girl named Min Ji-Won who has lost her memory. The film becomes a story of her trying to find out what has forgotten. She succeeds in doing this, but also finds the truth of the old adage “be careful what you wish for.”

She and a group of other girls had bullied Su-in, another girl at their school. Various of Min Ji-won's friends later start to die off, drowned by someone or something. There's also a girl who wanted to be Ji-won.

The last few minutes of the film hold the twist ending and, I'll admit, I'm not sure I understand it totally, but it throws the events of the film into a completely different light.

I though it was a good film. It has elements from many other films, but it still manages to put these together in a way that keeps the story interesting and tense.


The film opens with someone using a form of an oujia board. The planchette begins to move on its own.

The woman says that the ghost is there.

Suddenly they see something.

It's Eun-jung's sister.

There's another girl in the room and she and Eun-jung are laughing, not seeing that the planchette is moving on its own.

Pulling out the sink stopper leads to finding a lot of hair attached to it. Then water starts coming up from the drain; meanwhile, water on the floor has started to flow over the girl's feet. She appears to vomit pure water, and then turns and screams.

The girl examines her arm, and it seems she has scars on it.

She is talking to a doctor. This is Min Ji-Won, who has lost her memory. Apparently there is also something wrong with her heart.

Min's father seems to be dead. Her mother gets on her case since she Min is planning on leaving. She wants to study abroad, but her mother doesn't want to be left alone.

A flashback of Su-in, who Min pretended to befriend, only to lead a group of girls in bullying her.

She opens her locker and there's a small girl hiding inside; she looks again, and the girl is gone.

She meets another woman.

The woman gives her a photograph. The woman makes a reference to someone named Eun-seo. She tells Min that Eun-seo is dead, then asks her if she has seen anything bizarre.

Meanwhile, the mother is looking at a photo album.

No one likes her but the guy.

Some girl is developing a photo and she sees a girl with long hair appearing. Then she sees the stereotypical Ringu-type girl (long hair, odd eye) and screams.

The guy gives her a present.

Her mother and her have a talk at dinner.

She and the guy are at a movie and she sees someone.

Then she sees someone in the chair in front of her. It's a Ringu-type girl, and her hand ,dripping water, reaches towards Min.

Min finds out another girl that was a friend of hers died by drowning.

Another flashback to Su-in being bullied.

Min sees someone in her bedroom, and then in her bed, but it turns out to be a dream.

She goes through a photo album and a high school yearbook and then goes to the home of one of her former friends who is not happy to see her. Not happy at all. She asks the girl to tell her about her past.

Then the girl admits she hated her sister, and she is the one who called out a ghost.

Min is swimming and something starts grabbing her.

She goes to talk to a girl she knows whose in the hospital. She finds out about a girl named Su-in.

There's a flashback to the time when the girls picked Su-in as the one they would bully.

She goes to a playground and her hand is grabbed by a little girl. Then Su-in (I think) tries to strangle her, but it all turns out to be a vision.

She would get Su-in to do something, then would turn on her.

She's act nice to Su-in from time to time.

She talks to Su-in's mother.

The guy and her talk.

The girl in the hospital is quite insane.

She sees Su-in, and then she drowns.

She talks to the police who don't, of course, believe her.

The guy explains how they met.

Another flashback.

She pushed Su-in into the water. The other three girls push Min into the water. At that time, Min couldn't swim.

Su-in saves Min's life, but drowns in the process.

She jumps into the water and finds Su-in.

She hugs Su-in. The guy pulls Min out, and later the police come and get Su-in's body.

She says she is not leaving after all.

The mother is the evil one. She had switched bodies with the girl. The mother dies, then something comes out of some water on the floor. Another girl had taken over Ji-won's body, and Ji-won had died. The girl in Ji-won's body tries to kill herself but manages to live. This part of the film is rather confusing, though, and I'm not absolutely sure who is possessing whose body.

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