Memento Mori


This is a horror film that is based around a relationship between two schoolgirls. From what I have read online Korea does not look lightly on such a relationship, and segments of the original form of the movie have actually been destroyed, making the relationship between the two girls less physical that it actually was, apparently.

It covers just how intolerant students can be of girls who are attracted to each other, and how that pressure can force one girl to try to conform. It's a very good movie, and is part of the Whispering Corridors trilogy of movies.


The opening has someone working on a diary, writing some rather disturbing things, and then goes to two girls in water, drowning. (Ok, technically it's not a diary; it's a book made up very fancifully about how one girl feels about another. I'm just using the word “diary” because I can't think of any other, short, term that would be usable.)

It then shows a girl running (and a lot of bugs flying around.)

A girl arrives at school and washes her face. She finds a diary sitting by the sink. (This is Min-ah).

Another girl in class (before the teacher gets there) is videotaping her classmates.Her name is Ji-won moon.

The one girl looks through the diary. It's about two girls, Hyo-shin and Shi-eun.

In a flashback, the two girls meet in a stall. They get caught and have to clean the swimming pool as punishment. The section explains the origin of the diary.

The physical nature of the relationship in the final version of the film is obviously there, but quite toned down. Shi-eun likes to run but her doctor has said she shouldn't since she has a hearing problem.

An example of where the translation doesn't exactly work.

The teacher catches his class being taped and demands the tape from the camera. He assigns them the task of cleaning out the animal cages as punishement.

Shi-eun is pressing charges against the coach. Hyo-shi min is in the room also and the two girls are able to communicate telepathically.

Min-ah has gone to the schools' infirmary. Hyo-shi is also being sent to the infirmary.

She discovers a “pill” hidden in the diary and takes it.

The next page of the diary says that the “pill” is poisonous, and the antidote is not ready, according to the entry.

Hyo-shi gets hit by a bunch of empty milk cartons thrown by students who were jealous of her ability with poetry.

Shi-eun is in the choir, but her hearing problem makes it almost impossible for her to participate. It seems like she's lost maybe 90% of her hearing, plus she has other strange noises going on (sort of like tinnitus but more along the sounds of whale song). Hyo-shi is the piano player for the choir.

Shi-eun visits Hyo-shi in the infirmary. They talk, and Min-ah eavesdrops.

The one girl says that Hyo-shi and Shi-eun used to be inseparable, but they are growing apart now. Min-ah follows them as they go up to the roof.

Hyo-shi has taken the camcorder and is filming them on the roof.

Hyo-shi talks about suicide.

Then there's a section where the girls all receive some physical checks like height, weight, bust size, etc, along with a hearing test.

Min-ah tries to use telepathy with Shi-eun and it works.

Suddenly there's a scream and chaos breaks out.

The girls run to the scene and Min-ah stays behind. She sees Hyo-shi come down the hall. However, it turns out that the girls had not left yet; Min-ah is in another reality, sort of, where there is no one but her and Hyo-shi.

Hyo-shi has fallen to her death.

Shi-eun gets her things and leaves the classroom. Min-ah follows her, but uses another set of stairs.

Min-ah finds Shi-eun in a storage room and talks to her, but Shi-eun is not friendly towards her at all.

A flashback scene.

Another flashback, this time with Shi-eun reading in the diary about a teacher that Hyo-shi may have had sex with.

The two girls are questioned by the teacher who may have had sex with Hyo-shi. There is obviously something strange going on since the colors change wildly, as they often do with some form of spirit is present.

One of the other girls harasses Min-ah about her growing interest in Shi-eun.

The girls in the chorus talk about Hyo-shi, one of them saying Hyo-shi was pregnant.

Min-ah opens Hyo-shi's locker and this is what she sees.

Min-ah leaves the diary back by the sink but when she gets to her classroom the diary is on her desk. She looks at a reflective surface in the diary and the viewer can see Hyo-shi in the background. Things get weirder very quickly.

Like a hand touching her face and later her arm.

Finally she lets out a scream, falls, and passes out.

Later she hears strange sounds in the girl's bathroom.

She sees Hyo-shi again.

The chorus is practicing.

Min-ah goes to another practice room and finds the piano Hyo-shi had been playing. It's now filled with things. They had all been prepared by Hyo-shi.

Ji-won confronts the teacher about his relationship with Hyo-shi.

In the girl's restroom a stall door slams shut in a girl's face, but there's no one in the stall, and the water stops working, at least at the sink.

Another flashback, with a girl saying Hyo-shi has an odd smell about her.

In another flashback there's a fight between Hyo-shi and some of the girls harassing her. There's also another flashback about a fight, but not physical, between Hyo-shi and Shi-eun.

In another flashback a teacher confronts the two girls while they are holding hands, and says he's going to confiscate the diary. He slaps Shi-eun really hard, knocking her to the floor. Hyo-shi leaves the classroom.

She returns and kisses Shi-eun in front of everyone.

This is about all there is left of the bathing scene.

Later she comes to give Shi-eun some milk, but Shi-eun ignores her.

Shi-eun confronts Hyo-shi, takes the diary and starts to tear it up.

Back to the present. There's a strong thunderstorm and the doors of the school won't open.

Then everyone hears strange sounds coming over the PA, almost like someone having sex.

The teacher has taken Hyo-shi's things and is looking through them.

Hyo-shi appears to the teacher.

Back to the choral room.

One girl talks to the other about Hyo-shi.

The argument has grown into a fight while the spirit moves to the piano.

The lights go out and soon they can see the figure of Hyo-shi playing the piano.

The girls run screaming from the chorus room and this is enough to tilt things into total panic mode.

The lights keep flickering on and off and almost everyone is running in sheer panic.

Min-ah is having a vision which is where the girls supposedly accept Shi-eun and Hyo-shi, then turn on them.

Part of the vision.

The music changes, and the girl throws the cake up into the air.

This appears in the windows above.

Another flashback, where Hyo-shi wants to keep seeing Shi-eun. She says she can kill herself, and Shi-eun says she doesn't care if she does.

The skylight scene, more developed.

The doors finally open on their own accord and the students run away from the school. The teacher that had been attracted to Hyo-shi kills himself.

Min-ah is still in the school.

She talks via telepathy with Shi-eun who is also still in the school.

Min-ah goes up the stairs to the roof, opens the door and it's really bright. Then the scene goes to Hyo-shi sitting on the roof. Then she falls/jumps off the roof.

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